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Transitioning from Gravatar makes it easy to seamlessly transition from using Gravatar. Replace all references to in your code with

Avatar Sizing

Supported Sizes supports 3 sizes for avatars. We are mapping to the actual service, so there's no “guaranteed” size. Here's how that looks:

Service Default Small Medium Large
Upload 50x50 50x50 100x100 150x150
Facebook 50x50 50x50 100w 200w
Twitter 48x48 48x48 128x128 128x128
Instagram 150x150 150x150 150x150 150x150

Requesting Different Sizes

Different asset sizes are implemented as pseudo-extensions for the file itself. If no extension is provided, a default will be served (the smallest size). Here's what the URL looks like:


Custom Avatars lets your users upload their own avatars, in case you don't want to use one from a specific service.

Uploading Avatars

  1. Enter your email and password to get started:
  2. We'll email your authorization tokens.
  3. Setup request headers as follows
  4. POST following JSON in body to (prepares for upload)
  5. Parse the JSON response (sample below)
  6. PUT file to if upload_info is provided
  7. POST to where :id is
  8. Store the returned data

Custom Avatar URLs

Custom Identifiers let you map your own local identifier to the assigned avatar. For example, you may want to use your app's User ID instead of our automatically generated shortcut.



We've prepared a number of components to help you get started with

Avatar Picker Component for you iOS apps
Avatar Picker Component for your Android apps + Tutorial
Ruby gem for use of
Node.js package for use of
PHP library for use of (contributed by jjaffeux)
Python library for use of (contributed by Zopieux)
JavaScript library to upload avatars in browsers

View All on Github

Roadmap, Beta and More is currently in beta and completely free to use during this period. There will ALWAYS be a free version for everyone to use.

In the future, we will offer some premium options for larger apps. if you'd like more info, please email us at

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